Born and raised in Pittsburgh.

Bare Metal Pittsburgh is locally owned and operated. Our staff live and work in the area every day. We take personal pride in our relationships with local area and nationwide businesses.

When making a decision on a data center, do you want to be calling a national number, talking to someone who is located thousands of miles away, who only knows you as a number? All in the hopes that your emergency filters down to the local personnel on the ground that can actually help in a reasonable amount of time? Or, would you rather call a local number and know that the staff you are speaking to have direct access to the equipment and personnel to handle your request immediately and efficiently? We believe the choice is obvious.

Welcome to Bare Metal Pittsburgh!

From a half-rack to a hundred racks.

We can accommodate your co-location needs.



We love servers.

We love installing them, cooling them and, most of all, keeping them running.

Already have an established server footprint and administrative personnel? Great! Our datacenter can securely house hundreds of racks. Upgrade your current server environment to our advanced facility. It’s located close to your business. Your administration staff will be more efficient utilizing an environment purpose-built to meet their needs.


We hate servers.

They are heavy, they are hot and, most of all, they are hard to keep running.

Don’t want to worry about managing individual server hardware and network equipment? No problem! We can quickly provide you with virtual servers to meet your current and future business needs. All of our virtual hosts are continuously monitored by our staff and include up-time guarantees. Take the hassle out of system administration and reduce your costs.



Check out our facility before you call to schedule a tour. All real pictures, no stock photos.

Meeting Room

Large, quiet conference area set aside from data center floor. Includes white-board and table that seats four. Multiple wall outlets nearby – for plugging in laptops and accessories. Four powered, wall-mounted USB receptacles for phones – no AC/DC power adapters needed.


The kitchenette includes a sink, refrigerator and complimentary all you can drink coffee, tea and soda. This is a real bonus for your on-site staff during a long day or late night supporting your installed equipment.


Power is fed from Duquesne Light’s 22,000 volt commercial service into a 3-phase, one megawatt transformer then, into a facility-wide transfer switch and, finally, into our main distribution panel. The entire facility remains powered during a loss of utility power including the data center floor, wall outlets, lights – even the coffee maker.


Branch circuits from the main panel feed our UPS systems. They condition all incoming power and provide battery backup during the short transfer to standby power. All power to the data center floor is fed from these UPS systems.


Our standby generator provides energy for the entire facility in the event of loss of utility power. We have two days of fuel on site with fuel delivery contracts in place to allow the facility to continue to run on standby power indefinitely.

Air Handlers

Multiple, redundant computer room air conditioners with a 120-ton cooling capacity. Each unit is internally redundant and we have multiples units for ultimate reliability.


Large, over-sized condensers are located in a secure courtyard. Their size allow us to run cool on even the hottest summer days.


We are multi-homed. All traffic flows through our dual, redundant, active/active Juniper brand routers.


We can hand-off your data connection as either Ethernet or fiber. Your network can either be open to the Internet, where you firewall it yourself, or be behind our firewall.


We have many gigabits of bandwidth available from dual, redundant fiber runs leaving our facility. They exit the building from different locations and take different paths away from the facility.

From a single server to a server farm.

We can get you installed quickly.



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